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     S.C. GENERAL D C INSTAL S.R.L. is a commercial company founded in the year 2001 according to the laws and regulations of the Romanian state and has as an activity domain electrical wiring and automations, communications, projecting and building services.

     The company has a highly qualified staff in its activity domain, it offers qualitative services, promptitude and the guaranty of the work it carries out. Due to the seriousness and quality of our work, we have developed several contracts regarding the execution of industrial and civil electrical wiring, installation of video systems, alarm and fire systems, heating and sanitary building services as well as ventilation and air conditioning building services.

     Moreover, the company also has the ISO quality standard 9001, it is certified for the quality management system as well as for the environment management system, it has the ISO quality standard 14001, it is authorised as a “Second Degree Analysis and Test Laboratory in Constructions” – profiles IAE; LT; PC, Type “B” certificate for the projecting and execution of interior electrical wiring for civil and industrial constructions, supra- and subterranean embranchments at a nominal tension of 0.4 kV and it executes construction works- electrical wiring montage, technical consultancy, automation installations, special installations, technological installations, it supplies electrical equipment on commission, electrical appurtenances, wiring solutions and others.

     S.C. GENERAL D C INSTAL S.R.L. has its registered office in Timisoara, Aron COTRUS Sq., no. 1, Timis county and a working office in Timisoara, Acad. Petre P.NEGULESCU, no. 8, it is registered by the Registry of Commerce with the number J 35/748/2001, unique registration code RO 14003392, tel. 0256.28.26.90, fax: 0256.28.26.94, mobile telephone: 0721.32.07.45., e-mail: office@gdci.ro , site www.gdci.ro
     In the field of building services, the activity of our company is recommended by the work we executed:

      • Electrical Lighting building services, automations, projecting at the "Lukoil" fuel distribution stations:
    see details

      • Technological building services at the “Lukoil” fuel distribution stations:
    see details

      • Electrical volumetric fiscal metering systems at the “Lukoil” fuel distribution stations :
    see details

      • Gas pump electrical building services at the “Lukoil” fuel distribution stations:
    see details

      • Electrical Lighting Building Services, automations :
    see details

      • Building Services for the Compensation of Reactive Energy
    see details

      • Building services for alarm, video and fire systems :
    see details

      • Service provider – maintenance – Service at permanent activity objectives:
    see details
      The General DC Instal company is able to execute any work in its activity domain, as it has the logistical and technical means which are necessary for the successful delivery of any contract.
      Hoping that we have managed draw your interest for the services we can offer, we are waiting for your request for a potential collaboration.
      Engineer Alexandrescu Ion Shell Romania –tel: 0722333432
      Engineer Flueran Danut – Head Engineer T.I.A.B Timisoara –tel: 0722521402
      Economist Dr. Aurel Anca – TIBISCUS University Timisoara- tel: 0723192122
      Dr. Voisian Catalin – Dental Clinic TIVODENT –tel: 0722288078
      Engineer Salvador Garcia – AUCHAN – EMCO Building services – tel: 0745502074
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